to see god face to face— part I: where is god?

  part I: where is God? The three victims mounted together onto chairs. The three necks were placed at the same moment within the nooses. “Long live liberty!” cried two adults. But the… Continue reading

to see God face to face—Part II: narratives of the “other”

  In my last post, I attempted to articulate a framework for thinking about God in and through our encounters with one another. I stated, provocatively perhaps, that it is only and always… Continue reading

to see god face to face—part III: toward a theopoetics of encounter

  part III: toward a theo-poetics and of encounter “I confess my lack of piety: I am unable to love God. I am unable to love anything in the abstract. I need a… Continue reading

o, my soul

below is a reflection on the cross, Jesus’ few words there, and the unrelenting struggle to find hope and strength in the midst of the deepest despair, when it seems as though hell… Continue reading

“thy kingdom come”

For a while now, I’ve had the Lord’s Prayer on my mind—this prayer that many of us have prayed so many times throughout our lives that we may well have stopped thinking about… Continue reading

The God of incarnation: with us, for us, and ahead of us

Everyone seems to have their own ideas and images as to who God is: whether it’s an old white man in the sky with a flowing white beard, a God who is Love… Continue reading

eating with Jesus || a subversive Eucharist

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Eucharist lately. What is its significance? How does it challenge us and speak to or have meaning for our world today? What is its abiding relevance?… Continue reading

in search of a real and relevant faith

[the following is an adaptation of the sermon i gave at the Crossing for our first Vespers service of the new school year (09/08/13)] The beginning of a new school year can bring… Continue reading

“because your liberation is bound up in mine…”

[this is a blog i initially wrote in the summer of 2012 while living in a small arab village in Galilee, Israel] when i initially left the states, i don’t think i realized… Continue reading

Healing the Heart of the 9/11 Generation

[below is a reflection i wrote on the tenth anniversary of 9/11 about growing up in its aftermath] As the tenth anniversary of 9/11 has come and gone, my brain has been flooded… Continue reading