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I’m glad you’ve found your way to my page–whether intentionally or not!


I am a Master of Divinity candidate at Harvard Divinity School where I am pursuing ordination in the United Church of Christ. I am also a 2011 graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where I majored in Religious Studies with an emphasis on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.


I have had the privilege of facilitating, leading, and engaging many areas about which I am passionate, including:

     * bible studies      * preaching      interfaith dialogue      social & environmental justice      * music in worship
service projects      * international / cross-cultural trips      * dialogue about gender and sexual diversity


a few random things about me:

i love love love fall. and good coffee. i didn’t enjoy reading until i became a religious studies major my second year of college. and now i am most content to spend my mornings and evenings reading–usually theology, poetry, philosophy, history, and classic novels. i have a particular interest in and love for the people and land of palestine-israel. i really enjoy a glass of dry red wine, but my first choice is usually a cold micro-brewski (especially a nice hoppy ipa!). i prefer to listen to more melancholic, folky and lyrically probing music. which is also the style of music i write and play. unless i’m at a wedding, where you will find me dancing the night away. i prefer the tension of paradox to the comfort of certainty. i am on a lifelong journey ever in search of good–and then better–questions. i get excited about studying Biblical history. i am unashamadly a follower of a radical peasant preacher from Nazareth. and i am thankful for grace because i’m not the greatest follower. i want to be a minister and witness to the radical, subversive, and counter-cultural love, forgiveness, hospitality and way of life i find in Jesus of Nazareth.